Is a lack of a career culture the reason why France is in trouble?

Encourage little, reap nothing…

Do You Zest For Life?

France`s economy is down the pan with a meager GDP increase of 0.2% since 2012, and a national unemployment rate of 10.2%.

Those shocking statistics speak for themselves, and many question how France has gotten themselves into this state.

However I never hear the French talking about the country`s economic status, jobs or education. Granted, I live in the relaxed south of France where people definitely work to live, and are happy as long as they have money for rent, nice clothes and to party the night away. Yet if everyone in Paris adapted this attitude, I`m pretty sure France would crumble.

I live in Montpellier, the biggest city in the poorest region of France, and which also has the highest rate of unemployment. If you skim the surface you see beaches, vineyards, historic landmarks and natural wonders such as rivers and caves.

It`s only when I moved here I…

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