This is also my very best writing advice when developing and writing your own business book. Book to Last Long.


The Book of the Great Man is marque of his make
The shape of his concepts is thus hard to shake
Anyone living can write of his views
Will they then flower, or merely amuse?

True is the market that all wares will sell
But what of their value and which things will tell?
Only by testing do theories breed facts
Time then will prove what the Great Man redacts

But all men have theories, and theories will out
Today that’s as true as the proof that’s without
For of every treasure there are gilders of gold
Thus hoards breed aplenty, and sometimes they’re sold

Cause the peddlers of wares know the ways of their marks
So copper is bronzed, and silver is sharked
Scribes promptly copy and with furious pace
Books breed like mayflies (or is that junebugs?), tis part of the race

Yet still there are tomes that…

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