A pragmatic analysis of employee (and employer) prioritization.

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The virtuous would never let a colleague flounder without offering to help nor would they allow their company to fail without stepping up. Sounds like the ideal employee doesn’t it; a team player who is loyal to the company.  Why then do most managers/leaders focus their efforts on employees who do not possess any redeeming virtues?  Often it’s the desire to redeem the irredeemable, coach the un-coachable, to boost the team by propping up the weak link.  The problem is all that effort rarely leads to results.  Yes employees who have been cast aside or let go have gone on to have exceptional careers in other organizations.  Worrying about the potential of a problem employee turning the corner is time ill spent, instead focus on the employees who already possess the virtues that your organization values.

Blame is not for failure; it is for failing to help or asking for…

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