So You Want to Own Your Own?

Well observed, and very true.

The Daniels Daily Reader

Since I began speaking to groups, I’ve spoken to thousands of young people and many of them say they want to own their own business one day.  After doing some probing, I find that most think this will free them from having to work for anyone, or have a boss.  Sorry to burst your bubbles but I’m going to take a phrase that one of my big brothers said to me regularly when I was given the opportunity to become a member of our fraternity: “It gets a lot worse.”

successNow, like joining the fraternity, the benefits to owning your own business are very visible. But what you don’t see is the grunt work that goes into it. I wrote in a post quite some time ago that “No one sees a brand being made.” And it’s true. As you’re developing your brand, you are going to have days that make you want…

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