Security Tips You Might Actually Follow

Interestingly useful security advice. It should make for an easy to recall mnemonic key-set as well.

Cultivating Immaturity

Online security is a bit of a pain in the ass nowadays.  This isn’t the type of post I usually do, but I’m kind of sick of hearing tips that no one will do because you’ll have to devote all of your time to just keeping yourself secure.  We have enough shit to worry about in this day and age, don’t we?  Having a different password for each account is kind of difficult to remember, so you’re not very likely to do it.  I probably have at least 20 online accounts, and that’s a lot of passwords to remember.  The way I’ve split up my password seems good to me, and you might like it, too.  I have five categories of passwords, which are…

  1. SocialMedia: Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr fall under this category.
  2. Email: I think all of you know an example or two of this.
  3. Finances: 

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