Cisco opens up about its struggle to diversify its workforce


On Wednesday, networking giant Cisco Systems [fortune-stock symbol=”CSCO”] released updated employee demographic data. It highlighted just how difficult it is for technology companies to increase the gender and ethnic diversity of their workforces.

Unlike Apple [fortune-stock symbol=”SPPL”], Google [fortune-stock symbol=”GOOG”], Facebook [fortune-stock symbol=”FB”] and the slew of other Silicon Valley players that have recently opened the kimono on their demographic data, Cisco has shared information about the diversity of its workforce since 2005. And yet, despite the consistent disclosures, the numbers haven’t budged much in nearly a decade.

Like most of its peers, Cisco’s workforce is overwhelmingly comprised of Caucasian and Asian men. A full 77% of its employee base is male, with 54% of total workers (male and female combined) identifying as Caucasian and 36% as Asian. The number of employees identifying as Hispanic and African American was 5% and 3%, respectively. For the first time, Cisco has…

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