Based upon my own experiences I think it is quite possible to have it all, though not necessarily all at the same time. As a matter of fact that is extremely unlikely.

One must prioritize differently at different points in time and life. The trick is knowing when to pivot and in what direction and why.


We are never told by the media, tradition, or society that it is impossible to have “it all”

Recently I had a final where I had to define what it means to be a successful woman in today’s day and age. This proved a challenge, as when I started a discussion with a group of random women, from different stages and walks of life, every single one of them had a different definition of what it means to have success and be successful.

Growing up, we are expected to spend most most of our time and effort into trying to have the perfect life and to have “it all”. You need to have a memorable life where: you are a busy working, yet you can’t be the boss, you can’t get paid equally, and you have to be able to drop everything for your kids at a moments notice.


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