Why people are giving Ind.ie money to think past the web


Last time I checked in with user experience designer and privacy advocate Aral Balkan, he and his Brighton, U.K.-based Ind.ie team were preparing to unveil details of a handset called the Indie Phone, which they hope will provide a less centralized, more privacy-respecting alternative to phones from Apple and Google.

The concept for that device has now been unveiled (see picture above) and it’s still on the team’s “Project Stratosphere” roadmap for a 2016 debut, but first they want to build the underlying open-source technology. To that end, Ind.ie. is running a crowdfunding campaign to fund the development of the three key elements:

  • A peer-to-peer distributed file synchronization system called Pulse, which as a starting point lets people synchronize stuff between their devices without having to share it with a third party, as happens with something like [company]Dropbox[/company]. Pulse is a fork of another project called Syncthing, and…

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