Be an intrapreneur: How to bring the entrepreneurial spirit inside a corporation

Financial Post | Business

One clear day in Vancouver, Mark Stephenson was looking out his office window, watching large container ships enter and leave the harbour. He thought: Isn’t it amazing how many goods are transported through just one port? The infrastructure system is enormous, he observed, and the logistic challenges must be formidable. Yet it all works — just as it does with every port, railway and trucking company on Earth.

And thus an entrepreneurial idea was hatched.

Mr. Stephenson has been an entrepreneur for most of his life, though often in a corporate setting. In other words, he is an “intrapreneur” — a person with an entrepreneurial spirit embedded within a large organization. Today, many organizations are employing people like Mr. Stephenson to inject dynamism and decalcify operations. Often, companies are allowing — and sometimes encouraging — intrapreneurs to create innovative new products or services.

Currently, Mr. Stephenson is vice president for…

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