There’s No ‘I’ In Entrepeneur

There is an I in the genesis of your Venture, none worth mentioning as it matures and progresses.

David Schwendiman

I had the chance recently to listen to a number of successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists share how they started in business. Of everything they said there was one theme which, frankly, surprised me. All of them said that they never, NEVER enter a new venture without a partner.

Don't build it alone
Don’t build it alone

In fact, when Brad Gleeson of Sol Republic headphones was asked what is the first step he takes when starting a new business, his answer; find a partner.

In the past when I have launched a new venture it was always a solo operation, and a solo failure. This time around I have sought out a team before launching for the same 3 reasons these other successful entrepreneurs did.

1.  Expertise

Many entrepreneurs are experts in their field. As leaders in what they do, they recognize the opportunity in the marketplace for innovation that will better…

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