Think AWS doesn’t have designs on in-house apps? Think again.


Some people still see Amazon Web Services as “out there” and think of their own on-premises servers as islands onto themselves. But, as we keep being reminded, Amazon has ambitions to reach right into your server room. The latest example: AWS OpsWorks now can manage VMs running in your own data centers — provided those VMs are web-connected.

As AWS explained this week in a blog post:

Previously, you could only deploy and operate applications on [company]Amazon[/company] EC2 instances created by OpsWorks. Now, OpsWorks can also manage existing EC2 instances created outside of OpsWorks.

This means that an IT administrator can update security patches, operating systems and application software upgrades for all of her managed resources with one command. Management of EC2 instances is free and the charge for non-AWS resources is $0.02 per hour for each server running the OpsWorks agent.

This is just the latest step in a long march toward erasing boundaries between in-house server…

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