Manifesto 10.2 by Emily Lewin


Bright Ideas Collective


It’s hard to believe that we’re so close to the end of the year, and to the end of our Bright Ideas Manifesto! Over the past ten months we’ve been slowly unpacking what each of the points on our Manifesto means to us and now we’re here:

We believe that the boundaries of creative expression are continually unfolding and have yet to be reached. – Bright Ideas Manifesto #10

When Sarah and I were circling our block in the dark, taking notes in my phone, writing the Manifesto, this was one point that burned inside of me but took a long time to put into words. Essentially, it is the chase; the breakthrough all artists are going for is originality. The art that no one has yet seen or heard or dreamed of or imagined. I believe that it exists and we see it continually breaking out all around us…

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