It’s not always about balance

Surviving Grad School

When I was talking with a friend recently about our start-up, we were discussing a bunch of items that need to get done. And how would we manage to do them all? I replied something about balance, and my friend, rightfully so, said no, it’s not balance, that’s not the right word. Which lead me to think about this more afterwards.

We often talk about the work-life balance. Or, in the case of the start-up and grad school, I’ve been talking/thinking about the work-work balance (there’s no time for life). And the problem about always thinking of tasks in terms of balance, is that the idea of balance is predicated on the fact that you can give or take from both sides of the equation. You give up life time to do work, or vice versa. However, many tasks that we have to “balance” don’t allow us to do that.

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