Changing Landscape of Career Success


The Changing Landscape of Career Success

Over last 35 years since I graduated from college, views of career success have changed dramatically.

In 1979, I graduated from college with an engineering degree and had two job offers. Many of my friends had 3 or more job offers. My college debt that was paid off within 3 years. My expectation was to earn a comfortable living in my chosen career and to readily find a new employer in the case of a job loss through layoffs. For a while, this was true.

Like many of my colleagues, I felt a degree of job stability and, accordingly, I thought it unfair not to stay with an employer for at least 3 years before considering a career move to another employer. I had a sense of loyalty towards my employer and a perception that they had some commitment and loyalty towards me.

Flash forward 35 years and the landscape is dramatically…

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