Rosetta at AGU

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The Rosetta project presented at the AGU meeting last week, giving a status report for the recent activities and Philae landing.

There was more confirmation of the rough landing of Philae, including a graphic image snapped at initial touchdown.

Philae’s blurred view during its first bounce on 12 November 2014. Credits: ESA/Rosetta/Philae/CIVA

The Philae team think there is a good possibility that the lander will be able to recharge and wake up as 67P nears the sun, perhaps in a few weeks.  Fingers crossed!

I note that there has been disappointment and complaints because almost no data has been released, no results reported, and no dramatic movies.


Look people, this is real science, not Hollywood.  Unlike TV, you don’t just push a button and receive the results.  Data analysis is hard, obsessive, work; and it takes time.  And the results are mostly not going to be splashy Hollywood…

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