the difficult issue of pricing

Interesting considerations, and I too like to consider variant pricing options in offering my services to others.


“People tend to be clueless about prices. Contrary to economic theory, we don’t really decide between A and B by consulting our invisible price tags and purchasing the one that yields the higher utility, he says. We make do with guesstimates and a vague recollection of what things are supposed to cost.” William Poundstone

We all struggle with pricing our products/services to an extent. There are various things that go into it and messages that are being sent by a chosen level of price.

For example, if your service/product is cheap compared to the average price, everyone will think that you are merely offering a budget option and none of the high payers, looking for top quality will even consider you because in their minds lower price means lower quality. To be completely frank, this is usually the case.

Some shop in Aldi whilst the others prefer to go up-market and do…

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