Stanford Students Invent Gecko Gloves That Give Humans The Power To Scale Walls

CBS San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/AP) — Stanford University students have created paddles that help humans scale glass walls like a gecko.

The “gecko gloves” use the same scientific principles employed by the sticky feet of nature’s most impressive climber.

“One of the most important attributes of their adhesive is that it’s controllable, like tape that you can turn on when you want it to stick, and turn off when you don’t,” said Elliot Hawkes, a member of the research team.

The Stanford students have patents pending and have already begun negotiations with toy companies.

A Swiss entrepreneur has scheduled a meeting with the team in January to discuss possible rock-climbing applications. There is also a project in the works with NASA and Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena to use a version of the gloves to grab things in space.

Close-up of the underside of a gecko's foot as it walks on a glass wall. Van der Waals force interactions between the finely divided setae (hairs on the toes) and the glass enables the gecko to stay in place and walk on the seemingly smooth glass. (Wikipedia) Close-up of the underside of a gecko’s foot as it walks on a…

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