Washing machine = Increased educated citizens


Hans Rosling TED talk is one of those short and powerful talks – washing machine as a metaphor of how time saved from not doing mundane tasks can be used to improve oneself and here – education for women.

I loved this talk. In Nigeria, we are presented with a different challenge. Even if an individual can afford a washing machine, you would need power to operate it and as simple as it sounds, electricity has not been reliable for the most part of three decades.

The only reliable source of electricity is generator,most people have one. Now we have very portable ones as cheap as US$30, maintenance and diesel are variable costs people have to add-on. The cheap type usually would light a couple of lightbulbs, mostly used in the evenings. Attempt to plug anymore household gadget is asking for wahala.

Isn’t that much more expensive, you ask? Yes, it is…

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