7 Venture Capitalists Predict What Will Happen In 2015


From cloud wars to the certainty that there will be hacks, venture capitalists believe that 2015 will be a year of tumult and (in public markets anyway) triumph for the startup world.

Here are the visions that the general partners, managing directors and partners from firms such as NEA, IVP, Cue Ball Group,General Catalyst Partners and MDV have when they gaze into their crystal balls.

Together these firms have more than $22 billion under management, so they’re not only seeing the future, they’re often shaping it.

1. Jon Sakoda, General Partner, NEA

Cloud Wars – The Empires Strike Back:  The cloud computing wars started years ago, but, largely speaking, Amazon has been uncontested and has quietly become the dominant player in the space. In 2015, Amazon will face a multi-front war as Google will launch its assault on Amazon’s traditionally strong presence in the developer ecosystem, and Microsoft will combat Amazon in the…

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