Inventors should Strive to be Magicians

I think that in this sense he is absolutely right.

All 'bout Pranav Jain

Have you ever seen a magician do tricks? Have you ever been wondered or mystified by their acts, and pondered how they did it?

Of course you have. Magicians, or Illusionists, use sleight-of-hand and card manipulations among other tricks to deceive you into thinking something amazing or eventful happened. It looks like a simple movement or action could call forth a lot of force or power. It always makes people feel like the event that just happened was not possible. This is also what new technology should feel like.

When put together properly, people should feel as though something “magical” has just happened. You often think that this word is a buzzword used by marketing to sell a product; in this case, it is there to help explain what intrigues and excites people. So what is magic?



Seems obvious enough, a solution should be simple but effective; but…

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