Confident entrepreneurs deftly overcome impostor syndrome

I’ve never felt this way, because I’ve always looked at attempting new things as part of my very Nature. And I don’t worry about failing at them because I’ll just keep at them until I master them. Besides you will fail from time to time. It’s good for you.

But if you do feel like an imposter you shouldn’t. Instead, when first beginning you should feel like a Novice working his way towards being a Master.


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By Isaiah Hankel, Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs often feel like impostors at their businesses and in their lives because they’re constantly trying to do things they’ve never done before. Every day they’re learning new skills and this can prompt them to feeling like they’re not really qualified to be running their businesses.

But many people experience impostor syndrome at some point. They persistently see themselves as inadequate or failures despite information indicating that their skills are sufficient or they’re successful.

Confident entrepreneurs accept their inadequacies. They are simply faking it before they make it and that’s OK. It’s called learning.

Once business leaders learn to accept this process, their imposter syndrome goes away. Here are 10 other tricks confident entrepreneurs can use to avoid impostor syndrome:

1. Own the victory.

Confident entrepreneurs own their accomplishments. The…

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