This speaker technology would sound great in the Apple Watch


Apple earned a second patent for turning displays into speakers, leading to some interesting possible applications of the technology. While it could be used on the traditional LCD displays used for iPhones and iPads, the new patent may be applied to flexible OLED displays, making it possible for an Apple Watch to provide voice feedback and information.

display speaker patent apple

The patent, spotted by Patently Apple, illustrates how a speaker coil and magnet underneath a flexible touchscreen display might work:

The flexible display may have an active area that is configured to display images to a user. Speaker membranes may be formed from the active portion of the flexible display. The display-based speaker structures may be driven by transducers that receive an electrical audio signal input from circuitry in the electronic device. Piezoelectric transducers or transducers formed from coils and magnets may be used to drive the display-based speaker structures.

At first thought, it…

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