Amazon makes money; says little about it


Jeff Bezos is a smart man. Unlike Apple CEO Tim Cook and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Bezos takes a pass on his company’s quarterly earnings calls with investors. After all, he must have a long list of things to do that are more important than discussing his company’s financial performance with the owners of his company.

Perhaps following his lead, his chief financial officer, Thomas Szkutak, tries as hard as possible not to discuss the company’s performance with the owners of Jeff Bezos’s company either. “I can’t help you out much there,” is one of his favorite responses to investor questions.

Here’s a classic example:

Analyst: Noting that you announced just yesterday you’ll be offering email as a web service, do you have plans to expand into other software-as-a-service offerings? (This would put Amazon into competition with the likes of, Microsoft, Oracle, Workday and many others who sell online…

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