The Privacy Revolt: The Growing Demand For Privacy-as-a-Service (PaaS).| By |Daniel Burrus


thumbnailThere’s one thing just about every company has in common right now. Without even necessarily meaning to, they have in some way become the proprietor of a new kind of wealth. I’m referring of course to their customers’ data. But the flipside to acquiring that data is your customers now hold you to certain expectations: namely, that you’re taking steps to safeguard their privacy.

So, let me put it simply: no matter what market you’re in, no matter what service you provide or product you sell… from right now until the end of time, you’re in the privacy game. Welcome.

What are you doing to provide privacy-as-a-service (PaaS)? Because this is a service that consumers increasingly view less as a bonus and more as an absolute necessity. How are you preparing for the coming privacy revolt? Because it is coming. Pay attention to the signs, so you can have a…

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