5 Human Capitals to Achieve Your Career Potential and Live a Meaningful Life


I’ve always thought that the development of Human Capital, in both the subjective sense (personal achievement) and in the objective sense (corporate and team achievement) to be every bit as important as financial and monetary success. And Truth be told much of one’s financial and monetary success will be directly linked to one’s mastery of one’s Human Capital and Capability and Capacities, regardless of whether those three Human C’s be internal or external, or both.

So I found this article to be excellent and instructive in these matters. A well done and well-reasoned piece of Work.

Dan DeMaioNewton's Blog

When you look at your bank statement you see how much financial capital or money you have.  This is only one form of capital that you possess.  There are four other human capitals that everyone possesses that are essential, but are commonly underdeveloped and underutilized.  Understanding them and your ability to transfer one capital into another can help you achieve your career potential and live a meaningful life.

The Five Human Capitals:

  1. Knowledge/Skills Capital
  2. Creative Capital
  3. Financial Capital
  4. Service Capital
  5. Relationship Capital

Investing your life’s energy – your time, attention, contemplation, effort, and development of these five are critical for success in a 21st century marketplace.

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