Beyond Boredom: 3 Steps for Refocusing Your Career

BlogPic414_Page_1I am seldom surprised at the types of challenges that advisers say they are experiencing because I have coached them for over 10 years, but in a recent Solutions Session, I heard a challenge that I must admit was unique.

Lori K, a veteran financial adviser with over 20 years in the business said, “My number one challenge is…well..that I’m bored,” she said emphatically.

I probed a bit.

“What exactly do you mean–bored with the work itself or the industry overall?”

She shared with me that she literally could retire because she was at “retirement age” but that she didn’t want to retire yet she was finding that she didn’t have the motivation she needed to grow her business any longer. Frankly she just wasn’t inspired to do any more than she absolutely had to.

I paused briefly before replying, “Lori, what you need is to get beyond your boredom.”

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