Bite what you can Chew

Well-observed and Wise Advice, especially for the inexperienced or those wishing to manage their growth in a logical and profitable manner.

The Wire Perspective

The time I have been around the business arena has taught me many lessons and one of those is not to take on endeavours that are more than your business can realistically manage.

Incomplete Temple Structure - India Incomplete Temple Structure – India

As small businesses the temptation to look out for that big break is always there. You want to get into the big time and because most of us have grown up in the ‘fast food’ era, we expect everything to work out instantly. Many are the stories of someone setting up a business targeting a ‘big deal’ with the expectation that it will see them take off comfortably.

More often than not, these businesses with alot of potential have chocked as a result of this approach and ended up in limbo. Not so long ago, an Internet Service provider that pioneered the use of internet services in remote areas using HF…

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