An Alternative To Convertible Debt In Emerging Markets


Editor’s note: Conrad Egusa is the CEO of Publicize. Eddie Arrieta is the COO of Publicize and is the Co-Founder of Espacio, which is based in Colombia.

Cities across the planet have been trying and failing to replicate Silicon Valley’s talent for going on 50 years now.

However, it’s not talent per se that makes Silicon Valley what it is. It’s the investment ecosystem that attracts the talent. It’s the assurance of major acquisitions that attracts the investors. “What Silicon Valley does better than anyone,” writes Mark Cuban, “is create exits.”

But, if the premier innovation engine in the world is indeed running on exits, what does that mean for startup scenes that don’t have such a well-established investment hierarchy or potential acquirers, and possibly never will?

Perhaps the best approach isn’t to mimic the specific, and at times surreal, architecture of Silicon Valley finance, and to…

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