Bloomberg Beta Continues Its Data-Based Outreach Targeting Future Founders


If you’re one of the tech professionals who has gotten an email from Bloomberg Beta identifying you as a future founder and inviting you to dinner, don’t worry, it’s not a hoax.

The venture arm of the media and information services giant Bloomberg is just at it again; continuing its grand experiment in data-driven outreach to folks the firm thinks have the mettle to become the leaders of tomorrow’s startups.

Last year, the firm sent emails to 350 people it identified as most likely to start a company, and invited them to an inaugural event — a tradition the firm is continuing.

And their hit rate isn’t so bad. At least one of their invitees (who, admittedly, had already been introduced to Bloomberg Beta’s chief, Roy Bahat) actually launched one of the most buzzed about companies of 2014.

“I met up with him in early 2014 and got some advice,” says

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