What the Re/code acquisition says about the future of media


In the larger scheme of things, the acquisition of a relatively small technology news website may not seem like that big a deal—and perhaps it isn’t—but the news that Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg’s site Re/code was being bought by Vox Media hit the media-sphere like a hand grenade on Tuesday afternoon. At this point, journalists are so gun shy about the financial prospects of the media business that virtually any news seems to trigger a kind of post-traumatic-stress response.

In part that’s because Re/code was just the latest news bomb: Gigaom, where I used to work, shut down suddenly in March after it ran out of money (and is apparently being re-born as a kind of SEO play), Read/Write was sold for the second time and is now doing crowdfunding to try and pay the bills, and AOL and its media assets were just acquired by Verizon.

And it’s…

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