Small-business services get Uber-ized


In seconds, it seems, the word “uber” has ex­panded from a brand (taxis, driven by freelancers, accessible via a simple smartphone app) into a business model. An increasing number of app­ based services now let you get things done from anywhere: your office, the road, even a vacation. Need an emergency power cord—or IT help or even an adviser—for an out-­of-­town presentation? Just let your fingers do the walking—on a series of apps that make business easier for entrepreneurs.

If you’re on the go, you probably don’t have the time to hunt for an empty box and packing tape and stand in line at FedEx. New smartphone apps Shipster and Shyp will send a courier to you—whether you’re sitting in your office or at a coffee shop—within 20 minutes, then box your item and send it on its way. Shyp offers its service in Los Angeles, Miami, New York…

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