Patent Reform: Politicians versus Inventors


Much has been written about “patent reform” and there are plenty of high-octane opinions, many of which are well-intended, but misinformed.

I put parentheses around patent reform because reform means very different things to different people. Put another way, appropriate solutions only emerge when the problem at hand has been accurately described and defined in objective terms.

Description: the US patent system does not work as well as it should or could and should be refined or reformed.

Almost everyone would agree with the above statement, politicians and inventors alike.

Here is a simple query: please describe and define the problem (that calls for patent reform) as clearly and objectively as you can. Here, from my perspective, are the two most common answers:

Politicians and Pundits:

Non-practicing entities, especially so-called patent trolls, may accumulate huge portfolios of patents and then file patent infringement lawsuits targeted to major corporations resulting…

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