Good is Not Enough

Most of life, and business, occurs as it does because of the assumptions you make about it.

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GoodIsNotEnough[1].300In the world of Corporate America, the bar is higher, the race is longer, and the prize is harder to hold on to unless you learn how the game is played.” There’s a saying in the black community “don’t hate the player, hate the game.” GOOD IS NOT ENOUGH – and Other Unwritten Rules for Minority Professionals by Keith R. Wyche and Sonia Alleyne gives you the inside scoop so you can be prepared to have a fair shot at playing the game.

Getting ahead in Corporate America or basically any company where there is some level of hierarchy is never an easy feat and even more challenging if you are a woman, Black, Latino or Asian or some other societally deemed minority. The path to the proverbial corner office can be so lonely that you may feel like you are working “In a non-supportive environment or without…

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