Inventors: Become Curious Observers



I have observed that engineers, accountants, architects and other professionals who put many long, hard hours not only into their profession, but into continuing educations to maintain their skills in the marketplace. Makes perfect sense: to succeed and advance in today’s workplace you must maintain and hone your skills and knowledge.

Why do these same professionals think that inventing, as a profession, would be any less demanding and challenging?  But they do!

I frequently encounter new inventors who ask questions like:

  • Do I really need to file a patent? – You do if you are serious about your product.
  • Is one prototype enough? – No, why do you even ask?
  • How soon can I get paid if I submit my idea? – Never!

They always seem rather disappointed that they cannot simply sketch out an idea on a piece of paper, make one or two phone calls and have people knocking at…

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