Value for Money is a Myth

Feet First:

Value for money is a total, utter and complete myth. The fact that people use the phrase “value for money” means they have no idea what their product or service is worth.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you are in the desert, and you have a lunchbox with a single sandwich in it, and there is a man walking across the desert who is absolutely starving. He has been out in the desert for days, trying to find his way back to civilisation. Then, he spies you and moves in your direction and asks for help.

Now, what you are unaware of is that this man has a money clip with $10,000 in it. He obviously can’t eat the money, but once he meets you and sees your sandwich, he immediately offers you his entire money clip for your single sandwich. Imagine that: a $10,000 sandwich!


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