ReThink Software: 15-Year-Old Entrepreneur Creates App to End Cyber-Bullying

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Tech entrepreneur Trisha Prabhu is already changing the world. The 15-year-old innovator is the creator of a scientifically proven and award-winning app called ReThink, an app geared towards stopping cyber-bullying.

In 2013, after hearing about 12-year old Rebecca Sedwick’s suicide due to cyber-bullying, Prabhu set out to find a solution. On her website, Prabhu states that she has “always been fascinated by the inner workings of the brain and how it impacts our lives…[ReThink] stops cyber-bullying at the source before the damage is done.”

Once the software is installed on a computer or smart-phone, it “uses patented context sensitive filtering technology” to determine whether or not a post an adolescent is about to post is offensive. Prabhu told ABC News that the technology is able to “understand the difference between ‘I hate Chicago’s weather,’ and ‘I hate you,’ because those are two different scenarios.”

When the…

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