If You Want Me to Buy Your Business: Be Able To Take A Vacation.

Fischer Business Consulting

Businessman chained to a large ballMost people in today’s business world value their time off.  Whether it is weekends, days off or vacations, they want to get away. Numerous studies have shown the value of time off as it relates to both health and productivity.  Why would I want to buy and run an existing business that denies me this?

If you are an owner/operator and lose income every time you take time off, your business is your job.  It pays you well (or well enough).  As long as you are working, you make money but when you take off, you don’t.  This makes it very hard for you to step away and relax, even for a day, much less a week.  To a buyer, your business is a very demanding job.  If there is no apparent way for them to improve your situation, why should they proceed?  While it may provide solid income to…

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