UnitedContinental’s CEO Got It Wrong: 18 Ways to Revolutionize the Airline Industry

Dan DeMaioNewton's Blog

This week Oscar Munoz, CEO of United and Continental airlines, apologized for his airline’s poor customer experience. Since 2012 his airline has been responsible for one-third of all consumer complaints. His response to the problem:  Rally the troops, create a UnitedAirtime website to serve as an eSuggestions box, and go back 5 years and assess what went wrong.

Munoz’ response is as likely to be helpful as Donald Trump’s tax policy.  Going back 5 years to fix the future focuses in the wrong direction. Imagine Apple’s CEO Tim Cook announcing that they were going to go back 5 years and analyze what went wrong with anything. It’s not what market leaders do.  It’s what market failures do.

Instead Munoz should learn from T-Mobile’s disruption of the cell phone industry. T-mobile went from a struggling cell phone company to the #3 market leader with a nearly 50% growth in its stock…

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