Innovation landscape & adaptive cycles – Part 2

understanding innovation

In the previous post I’ve investigated the relation between two of the major concepts that I had discussed earlier: the innovation landscape on one hand and the adaptive cycles on the other. I focused on the part of the innovation landscape that is defined by known problems, i.e., the business as usual quadrant and the research quadrant. Together, with some overlap, those two quadrants cover the front–loop of the adaptive cycle. So the relation between the two concepts turned out to be a pretty straightforward.

Landscape and cycles.002

Before we turn to the other side of the innovation landscape, the area that is defined by unknown or not yet understood problems, it is prudent to first spend a few thoughts on the differences between the two sides of the innovation landscape: what separates the disruptive quadrant and the wicked quadrant on one side from the business as usual quadrant and the research quadrant on…

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