Sacrifice and Progress

Elizabeth's Journey To Success

Been MIA again…it is weird how when you really start to focus on getting healthy, other things fall to the side a little.   I know a lot of  people still read this, people who go back and reread certain entries to keep them going.  I know I need to get my message out there to give people hope and maybe inspire some one to keep on this journey. Even if it is just one person…if I help just one person find that spark within themselves to keep going, to keep trying…it is worth it.

So update on me…Numbers first because we all enjoy numbers.  They are something solid, something we can see an actual change in.

As of October 25, 2015, I weigh about 473.  That means I have lost 60 pounds total.   I am actually coming very close to my personal low.  Well, aside from  6 pounds…

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