The Mysteries Of Money


From fake money to dirty money to funny money to fast money, people are being fascinated with coins, paper bills, and cards that let them accumulate wealth and sometimes, happiness. Where did cash come from? What is in a coin or bill?

Some Money Facts You Must Know

MoneyBefore money was made of coins and bills, items used as currency include ivory, live animals, grain, and conch shells. Wooden bills were used temporarily in Washington in 1932 since there was a major cash shortage and that wood was readily accessible.
Did you know that the first banks were likely religious temples? This is because the security was always tight.
The term “cheque” or “check” was derived from the game chess. Placing the king in check means that he has limited choices – similar to a modern day cheque that limits opportunities for alteration and forgery.
Did you know that the…

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