2 Metrics Startups Need to Start Tracking

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After seeing dozens of Simplified One Page Strategic Plans, it became apparent that there are two metrics that most startups aren’t tracking and need to add to their main KPIs. But first, let’s back up. What’s the lifeblood of every business? Answer: employees and customers. If those are at the core, then their happiness should be tracked.

Startups need to start tracking these two metrics:

Entrepreneurs would do well to start tracking employee and customer satisfaction as part of their key metrics. Happy employees and happy customers are the core…

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Do not seek permission to undertake any Great Enterprise. Let the High Quality of your Work be your True Qualification.


Audi Leads $28M Investment In Rental Startup Silvercar

Silvercar, a startup rethinking the auto rental experience in airports, already seems pretty tied to Audi — after all, every vehicle that Silvercar rents out is a silver Audi. Now the companies are deepening that relationship with a $28 million Series C investment.

Audi led the round, with the company’s North American president Scott Keogh joining Silvercar’s board of directors. Silvercar and Audi are also looking beyond airports with a new initiative called the Audi Shared Fleet, where businesses will be able to offer cars to employees on their corporate campuses.

“Silvercar represents not just the future of the car rental industry, but a vision for the future of mobility,” Keogh said in the funding release “We want to utilize the company’s strengths in technology and innovation to merge connectivity and mobility for today’s consumer.”

Silvercar has raised a total of $60 million in funding. Previous investors Austin Ventures and Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin also participated in the new round.

The service doesn’t just offer every customer access to the same high-end vehicle. It also streamlines the reservation and payment process, allowing you to make bookings through a mobile app and unlock the car by just scanning a QR code.Writer Ryan Lawler (now sadly departed from TechCrunch) tried the service out three years ago in Dallas-Fort Worth, Silvercar’s very first airport. He came away impressed with “the ease of getting in and out of the airport rental dock,” and he suggested that business travelers, in particular, might be willing to pay a premium to get a better experience. (The exact pricing varies from market to market.)

The company says its business tripled in 2015, and it’s now launching in its twelfth market, Las Vegas, just in time for this week’s Consumer Electronics Show.


Remote detection of physiological changes

Invention Views

There is necessity to detect remotely small physiological changes in a human in order to measure the human’s condition including physiological stress levels and viability.

Neural inputs to the heart’s sinoatrial node accelerate or decelerate the heart rate over varying time scales depending on the respiration (RESP) rate and the balance of tone of the two branches of autonomic nervous system (ANS). At worst, just aheartbeatindicates the presence of vital activity.This methodis particularly useful forthe detectionof peopleunder rubble.

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Scribble the color of your dreams!



Ask an interior designer or an artist the shades of red and he will name a hundred more than you can remember. The world has way too many colors and shades to have them on your palette. If you have a part of the paint chipped off your wall, what would you do to get the same shade back on? It seems a little impossible to do so, doesn’t it?

Not really! A pen called Scribble comes with an RGB sensor that can capture any color by simply pointing it at the object. There are two types of Scribble pens: one that will let you draw on paper and the other that can help you doodle on your tablet or mobile devices.

The inventors of the pen, Mark Barker and Robert Hoffman, have installed 16-bit color sensors that can store up to a million colors. It can also be used…

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What you manage, you improve.

I listen to this podcast called Being Boss and it’s these two very knowledgable, fun-loving creative entrepreneurs who talk about a variety of interesting topics (finances, work-life balance, charging for business, marketing).

I have been captivated by their anecdotes, struggles, victories and all-around transparency about being business owners. It makes me excited, curious, nervous, terrified, and several other emotions…usually in a 45-minute period.

On Episode 47, Jesse Mecham joined Emily & Kathleen to talk about the business he started, You Need a Budget (YNAB is more fun to say).

I love hearing other people talk about money, what it means to them, and how they manage it, so this episode was intriguing to me. It’s been easily over three weeks since I have listened to this episode, but I keep coming back to what Jesse said in regards to money.

What you manage, you improve.

I’ve known this, as most do, but…

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