What you manage, you improve.

I listen to this podcast called Being Boss and it’s these two very knowledgable, fun-loving creative entrepreneurs who talk about a variety of interesting topics (finances, work-life balance, charging for business, marketing).

I have been captivated by their anecdotes, struggles, victories and all-around transparency about being business owners. It makes me excited, curious, nervous, terrified, and several other emotions…usually in a 45-minute period.

On Episode 47, Jesse Mecham joined Emily & Kathleen to talk about the business he started, You Need a Budget (YNAB is more fun to say).

I love hearing other people talk about money, what it means to them, and how they manage it, so this episode was intriguing to me. It’s been easily over three weeks since I have listened to this episode, but I keep coming back to what Jesse said in regards to money.

What you manage, you improve.

I’ve known this, as most do, but…

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