Scrap To-Do Lists. Try “I Did Lists”

Notes Off The Margin

I was listening to James Altucher being interviewed by Chris Dunn on YouTube. They covered a lot of ground on the usual stuff you’d expect. I’ll share two things that struck a cord with me.

The first was a point James made about the self-help genre. He said he doesn’t give self-help guidance. He just shares what works for him. It may work for you, it may not. I appreciate that. It’s much better than the typical “Do what I say, do it may way and you’re guaranteed success” you so often come across.
The second point was on the nature of productivity. They discussed the idea of having themes instead of goals which resonated well with me. To-do lists came up and Chis echoed my sentiments of how stressful a to-do list can sometimes be. James mitigated this with his idea of an “I Did List”. At the…

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