Political Click Bait Articles: What You Should Know to Avoid Malware| By |Kyle Cebull



As the election looms closer and we find more and more political posts all over Facebook, Twitter and even in our inbox, users are engaging more and more with click-bait articles as they try to determine who they’ll ultimately cast their vote for. While your employee’s political affiliations and votes may not matter to your organization, what they click on during a social media session does. Hackers love to use hot topics and trends to target your users with malware and attempt to infiltrate your network. Here are a few things you should know about the threat landscape with regard to click bait malware and the election and steps you can take to avoid infections:

Understand how things have changed since the last election.

As you probably know, elections only happen every 4 years. Consider the last election and how technology has evolved since. Malware engineers are getting smarter and…

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