15+ Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic (For Beauty, Fashion, Travel Bloggers & More)

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Question asked By: Love Dada

Original Question: “Ok! How can a new fashion blogger generate traffic to their blog? xo”

Our Response: “Good question! Here are 17 ways you can boost your traffic to your website. Hope it helps!”

1. Facebook remarketing

Facebook is a great promotion tool whether you’re in the B2B or B2C industry. But did you know you can set up remarketing audiences in Facebook? By installing a Facebook tracking pixel on your site you can continue to market to customers who have visited your site. This is a great way to create return traffic to your business blog or website. And you can start remarketing to audiences as small as 100 visitors.

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Today’s musicians really want to be friends with you — Quartz

Rejoice, music consumers: A golden age is upon us. The rise of streaming services allows people to play an unprecedented amount of music, immediately, for flat monthly fees that cost less than a single CD did 15 years ago. Hard not to call that an excellent deal. From a musician’s perspective, however, things are decidedly…

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Four Strategies For Creating Value In Life Sciences — Forbes Real Time

by Rick Edmunds, Jo Pisani, and Douglas Strang The competitive landscape for pharma companies around the world is changing rapidly, and those shifts are likely to accelerate. Drugs face greater pricing pressure; industry consolidation is creating unfamiliar dynamics among insurers, hospital systems, and doctors; and patients are far more involved in […]

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Whitey Bulger Auction Nets About $110K for Victims — Fortune

The sales of an oddball trove of memorabilia and mundane household items, from a diamond-studded replica NHL championship ring to a bag of rubber bands, fetched $109,000 this weekend as the feds auctioned off the belongings of James “Whitey” Bulger, the notorious Boston mobster/FBI informant. Before the items hit the block, victims of Bulger’s killings…

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Romeo D'orazio


theSENSIBLEinternetARCHIVEbackupMonumentsystemis a series of monumental structures that are projected under the idea of generating a cultural transmission system capable of save, in a sensible reality format (concrete material physical world), all the information needed to restore all the information archived in the digital reality format.

Today, the base of all the information technology is the presence or absence of electrons. The daily routine of a large part of the human specie is signed by the task of putting sensible reality format information in a digital reality information format. This means that we’re archiving a huge part of our knowledge, culture and heritage in electronics devices: a mono energy base technology, always signed by the curse of obsolescence, a technology that cannot work without electricity.

Let’s think about a series of hugeworldwideSOLARelectromagn

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Another big health hire for Apple: Stephen Friend, Sage Bionetworks president — Kopitiam Bot

(Source: http://www.businessinsider.sg) Apple is quietly building one of the strongest teams in digital health, and on Thursday, it just added perhaps its most high-profile hire yet. Stephen Friend, co-founder and President of Sage Bionetworks, is joining Apple’s healthcare team, Sage Bionetworks announced in a press release on Thursday. It’s not clear exactly what Friend’s title will […]

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7 Skills Every Business Icon Has in Common — Fortune

The Fortune 500 Insiders Network is an online community where top executives from the Fortune 500 share ideas and offer leadership advice with Fortune’s global audience. Mike Guggemos, chief information officer at Insight Enterprises, has answered the question: What can 20-somethings do to set themselves up for success? Be curious. Twenty-somethings should do as much…

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“How Can I Get Businesses to Advertise on My Website?” – Popular Question (For Fashion, Travel, Art Bloggers & More) — The Millionaire’s Digest

Anonymous Question: “I created a website that I think will actually make people want to view advertisements. I need ads before I can get traffic, but advertisers want traffic first. What do you suggest?” Our Response: “Monetizing your website with ads is a challenging business model. As you’ve pointed out, the best way to be […]

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13 Fun Facts You Can Add To Make Your “About Me” Page More Interesting! (For Beauty, Travel, Food Bloggers & More!) — The Millionaire’s Digest

Face It, we all have “About Me” pages, right? But the problem is they all suck, including mine. At least until now! Here’s what you can do to make your “About Me” page more exciting for readers to read.

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Here’s How Much Money Uber Drivers Make in 3 U.S. Cities — Fortune

New data about the earnings of Uber drivers in three U.S. cities supports what many already suspected: Drivers don’t make a lot of money. Average hourly driver earnings in Denver, Detroit, and Houston were the following, according to a combination of leaked internal data obtained by BuzzFeed and additional calculations from Uber: Detroit: $8.77 per…

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A good article from my friend Steve. You should pay his site(s) a visit and read his advice.

5 things prosperous copywriters do all day

Steve Roller, prosperous copywriter trainer

One of my favorite blog posts ever appeared exactly eight years ago in the Daily Reckoning, titled, “The Three Things Rich People Do All Day.”

In the piece, Chris Mayer concludes that reading, conversing with people who know what you’d like to know, and thinking are the three things rich people do all day.

After hanging out with some pretty high achievers the last couple years, and aspiring to be one of the wealthy myself, I have to agree with him.

On the ride home from my Ultimate Writing Retreat™ in Chicago nine days ago, I came up with my own list of 5 things that prosperous copywriters do all day:

1. Read. Read classic copywriting books by Eugene Schwartz, David Ogilvy, and Claude Hopkins. Read contemporary classics by Dan Kennedy, Clayton Makepeace, Gary Halbert, and John Carlton.

Read the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, and your local paper (if you have local clients.) Read classic literature by Hemingway and Hugo, as well as airport paperbacks by John Grisham and Stephen King. Read!

2. Think. You simply have to spend time deep thinking about Big Ideas. How else are you going to come up with a new angle for a client promotion? It’s not all nose-to-the-grindstone, furious writing time that accomplishes that.

Or think about Big Ideas for your own business.

How are you going to convince your prospects to do business with you instead of the dozens of other copywriters who are just as good as you, in the same niche? How can you provide more value while working faster and making sure your clients get a good return on investment? What is your Big “off the chart” Idea that could send your business soaring?

3. Talk to interesting people.

I spent 67 hours recently hanging out with some very interesting people in Chicago. We coined at least three new terms that you’ll probably be hearing about in the next few months. We launched two new businesses, re-launched two more, and came up with strategy that could turn two of them into million-dollar businesses.

When I’m in my office, I probably spend two hours a day on average conversing with copywriters who are trying to get to the next level. I ask  questions to get them thinking in a different way. I challenge them. I offer critiques if they ask. I give offbeat advice.

Once in a while, I inspire someone to go out and do really big things. Very rewarding, all of it. I benefit from these conversations, too.

Be selective about the company you keep, and spend the time in meaningful discussions.

4. Write stuff that other people will pay you for. Ask yourself at every turn, “Is this making me money?” or “Is it leading me quickly to a place where I’ll make money doing it?”

If you’re writing a special report that prospects will download to get on your mailing list, which you’ll then use to market your other services to them, the answer is “yes.” Writing an article for “exposure” and the promise of possible work down the road? Your call, but I’d say “no.”

5. Write things that build your own business. One of the “eureka” moments at the Chicago retreat was that you don’t have to figure out how to write copy for clients. Create a business around something you love, and write all the marketing copy for it.

When you’re writing copy for your own high-end luxury watch tours to Basel, Switzerland, or for helping CEOs become insanely great at presentation skills, things get pretty fun! Think of copywriting as a means to an end.

If you were a fly on the wall of my office, those are the five things you’d find me doing every day. Reading, thinking, talking to interesting people, writing stuff that people pay me for, and writing to build my own business.

Do you have any others you’d add to the list? Any you’d take off this list? Where can you do all five of these at once, in a three-day intensive writing experience like you’ve never seen before? Asheville, North Carolina, of course. July 17-20.

It’ll be another one for the ages: http://cafewriter.com/asheville/

Hope to see you there. I have a few ideas of what we’ll talk about.

the copywriter's life

the copywriter’s life

New Tech

Often, my thoughts exactly. And I’m no anti-technologist. Then again I am no rabid technophile either.

There are dangers in both directions.

Just not the same kinds of dangers.

Adarsha Kharel

It is the world of hi-tech devices,

Cameras and phones of different sizes.

Ovens and toaster working with Java,

Mobile phone companies like Samsung, Apple and Lava.

New inventions and discoveries made every year,

Sometimes it is a tape, sometimes a gear.

We are slowly moving into a world only of computers,

Where there would be no students, nor be tutors.

No! I cannot work with papers and pen,

Say all those black-suited, office-going men.

They order for an I-Pad or a tablet,

As they would like to surf the internet.

The world relies on the semiconductor chips,

And those processors that process in MIPS.

Intel and AMD devise their new core,

Yes, we feel their need more and more.

Is the world being too much dependent,

On these new technical equipments?

Have we been so needy of them,

As to needing them in happiness or in pain?

If the…

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Journalists & publicists

david shaw words

With a rising number of PR practitioners and with print media under pressure, the tension between journalists and publicists has never been worse. Is there a way to improve relationships?

The fragile peace that exists between journalists and publicists is well known and well documented. Tales of stupidity, the irritable and the irritating seem to consistently emerge, threatening to challenge the uneasy working relationships between flacks and hacks.

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.” – George Orwell

I am sympathetic to both sides, having worked as both journalist (for a bit) and publicist (for longer) I have seen both highly unreasonable and sometimes questionable journalistic practices and of course, some truly awful, half-baked stupidity from publicists.

Part of the problem is in the extraordinary growth in the number of publicists and not just publicists in the circle of film, celebrities, television, publicity but in the harder…

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Turn everyone into an innovator

I’m not sure that everyone can be an innovator, because from my lifetime of observations not everyone wants to be. But perhaps everyone should at least try it on for the fit and certainly every business, company, corporation, and organization of any kind of competence at all should encourage the enterprise.

Good article.

The Business of Social Games and Casino

There was an interesting article in the Harvard Business Review, How to Build a Culture of Originality by Adam Grant, that does a great job of showing how to turn all of your team into innovators. The article starts with a discussion of the US Navy, arguably the poster boy for lack of innovation, and explains how it started “exploding with originality.” What is interesting about the navy example is that the innovation was not centered around iconoclasts or entrepreneurial types but from the rank and file. Most importantly, if it can work in the US Navy, the strategy can work anywhere.

When everyone thinks the same and is relocation to move away from best practices, companies rot. To drive innovation, you need sustained original thinking in your company. The way to do this, as Grant shows, is to build a culture of non-comformity. You must give your team opportunities…

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Why Failure is our Friend (For Book, Beauty, Travel Bloggers & More) — The Millionaire’s Digest

Indeed it is, if, properly analyzed and its lessons properly applied.

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Nina Medina Founder & Owner of: The Happy Life 101 -Staff Member, Contributor, Inspirational & Motivational Writer Why Failure is our Friend (4 min read) FAILURE. We don’t like it. We avoid it. We hate it. People do not like failure because of 2 things- It hurts and it […]

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This Is What House Republicans Would Replace Obamacare With — Fortune

House Republicans are unveiling new proposals to repeal and replace President Barack Obama’s health care law, as Speaker Paul Ryan sought to showcase a GOP governing agenda amid the tumult of the presidential campaign. The plan, revealed Wednesday, relies on individual tax credits to allow people to buy coverage from private insurers, and includes other…

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The Critical Word For Puerto Rico Is Insolvency — Forbes Real Time

A recent Public Policy Polling firm poll that asked voters whether they approve or disapprove of Congress found that just 9% approved of the performance of the House and Senate. By comparison, 84% found the august bodies to be in disfavor. As one can imagine, there are many factors are […]

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How to Win Friends & Influence People — The Millionaire’s Digest

One of the best and most important books I’ve ever read. It has helped me in numerous fields and countless situations.

I highly recommend it.

For more than sixty years the rock-solid, time-tested advice in this book has carried thousands of now famous people up the ladder of success in their business and personal lives.

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change — The Millionaire’s Digest

One of the most inspiring and impactful books ever written, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has captivated readers for 25 years. It has transformed the lives of Presidents and CEOs, educators and parents— in short, millions of people of all ages and occupations.

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Where There’s a Will (or a Bill)… There’s a Way (For Entrepreneur, Business, Writing Bloggers & More)

Millionaire's Digest

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Noelle L. Reagan

Founder& Owner of:Made Up by Reagan

-Contributor, Journalist, Inspirational Writer

Where There’s a Will (or a Bill)… There’s a Way (7 min read)

On the often slow success of a seasoned entrepreneur. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and more often than not,  neither is a successful small business. In order to be a business owner that lives as most hope to when launching a self employment venture, one must be ready to endure the days of ramen noodles and $2000 cars.

This is a story about a veteran small business owner that did things right in order to build his empire. (And by empire, I mean a nice home in the suburbs with a yard large enough to grow rows of corn- literally. This is not a man of extravagance, he is quite simple in his tastes. Classy, but not a…

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How to Get Ads for Your Website (For Beauty, Book, Travel Bloggers & More)

Millionaire's Digest

Question asked By: theitinerary1

-A book & writing blogger

Original Question: “Thank you so much! For this post. I learned so much!!! Can you write one with how to make money with goolge?”

Our Response: “Get your Ads up and working for your website by following these 9 easy steps. To start your campaign, go to https://adwords.google.com, find the “Get started now” button, and sign up for an AdWords account. Once you’re logged in, click the “Create your first campaign” button.”

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Lumus secures $15 million to expand their augmented reality optical display capabilities — TechCrunch

Lumus—makers of transparent near-to-eye displays for augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR)—announced this morning that they have secured $15 million in a Series B round, led by global private investment firm Shanda Group and also by Crystal-Optech, a Chinese optical imaging company. Read More

via Lumus secures $15 million to expand their augmented reality optical display capabilities — TechCrunch

Watch 6,000 years of urbanization taking over the world — Quartz

If the goal of studying history is to apply past knowledge to modern problems, there’s (at least) one problem: the record of human civilization is a disorganized mess. Some scientists are trying to aggregate and sort through the jumble of information. Researchers at Yale University have digitized 6,000 years of city records. The result offers…

via Watch 6,000 years of urbanization taking over the world — Quartz

Announcing the startups pitching at the Tel Aviv Meetup — TechCrunch

In less than a week, TechCrunch is hitting the road and coming to Tel Aviv for a good old Meetup + Pitch-Off on June 22. In addition to a few on-stage interviews, you’ll get to see ten companies pitching and fiercely competing for the first place. These startups will have exactly one minute to pitch…

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Can Apple Really Count On India To Drive Its Next Wave Of Growth? — Forbes Real Time

With its days of stellar growth in China coming to an end amid economic headwinds and smartphone market saturation, Apple has been looking towards India to pick up some of the slack. The appeal of the Indian market is evident – India is currently the fastest-growing large economy in the […]

via Can Apple Really Count On India To Drive Its Next Wave Of Growth? — Forbes Real Time

How US Manufacturers Can Compete — Forbes Real Time

Nearly every politician these days bewails the loss of American manufacturing jobs. Nearly every politician promises—somehow—to bring them back. We’re skeptical of these promises. Many thousands of factory jobs have been lost, and will continue to be lost, to automation, just as millions of farm jobs were lost to new […]

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How to Get More Followers -Part 1 (For Beauty, Book, Travel Bloggers & More!)

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Question asked By: Steve


-The bringing outs of the fun of entertainment, humour, photos and rants

Original Question: “What do I want? Just to try and get both my blogs reaching more people.”

Our Response?: “Get your followers to sky-rocket by doing these 10 things more often.”

1. Return favors. Follow people that comment or favorite your posts, especially when they take the time to read articles you’ve written and share a comment with you. It’s one of the keys I use to determine whether someone is a real follower or just trying to get more by using others.

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This piece of tech is the future. It is the new flying drone design. We are one more step towards having flying robots consume our world.

The fleye is different from other drones as it uses only one propeller and uses a gyroscope to stabilize its self. Where the camera is it the motherboard which contains the gyroscope. The fleye company design is designed so that it can bump into anything and won’t get damaged, as it has a plastic shield surrounding the propeller , which also amplifies the thrust created by the propeller. It limits the area that the “wind” is forced to downwards.

If you want more gaming, post a comment.

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Inventors’ Friends and Enemies


One key to success as an inventor is to discover early on who are your friends and who are your enemies. Your friends will help you to succeed, your enemies will help you to fail.

Inventors have 2 friends and 2 enemies.

Two Friends of Inventors

Two friends that every inventor should be aware of and embrace:

  1. Members of your local inventor’s club
  2. Your patent attorney

Inventing is a strange career with many emotional ups and downs and most inventors do not achieve commercial success with their products. You will soon discover that it is unproductive to talk to your friends and colleagues at work about your invention (more about this later). They will never understand what you are doing and, more especially, why you are doing it.

Guess who will understand what you are doing and why you are doing it? Other inventors in your local inventor’s group. There…

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