Inventors’ Friends and Enemies


One key to success as an inventor is to discover early on who are your friends and who are your enemies. Your friends will help you to succeed, your enemies will help you to fail.

Inventors have 2 friends and 2 enemies.

Two Friends of Inventors

Two friends that every inventor should be aware of and embrace:

  1. Members of your local inventor’s club
  2. Your patent attorney

Inventing is a strange career with many emotional ups and downs and most inventors do not achieve commercial success with their products. You will soon discover that it is unproductive to talk to your friends and colleagues at work about your invention (more about this later). They will never understand what you are doing and, more especially, why you are doing it.

Guess who will understand what you are doing and why you are doing it? Other inventors in your local inventor’s group. There…

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