Kit can test for seven diseases with a drop of blood

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A Singapore-based firm has developed a test that can detect seven major tropical diseases, including Zika and dengue, from just a drop of blood.

The fingernail-size microchip was developed about a year ago by Veredus Laboratories, a Singapore-based medical diagnostics company, according to its press statement yesterday. It can also detect malaria, chikungunya, West Nile, Yellow Fever and Japanese encephalitis.

Dr Rosemary Tan, chief executive officer and founder of Veredus, told The Straits Times that the test has been sold to hospitals, clinical laboratories and organisations in Indonesia and China. Local hospitals have also expressed interest.

Each kit costs about $100, and it takes about two to three hours to identify the pathogen.

“Zika is now becoming very famous in Singapore due to the outbreak, but we developed this chip more than a year ago which can detect different species of malaria, serotypes of dengue, chikungunya and…

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