Concur. I have thoughts on this matter myself.


220. you cannot enter a battle if you are still battling yourself.png

There’s a old Chinese saying that “If one cannot even manage his home, then he cannot manage his country”. The idea is that our ability to face the outside world comes from WITHIN us, how we handle our personal life speaks directly to how we will handle our business/career life. How can we focus on our work if in the back of our head we have all these personal issues bothering us? A lot of people think work and personal life should be completely separate, the truth is they are linked together, it’s impossible to have completely separate sets of emotions when you shift from personal to work life. That’s why it’s important to put our family first, to make sure we spend enough time and effort and take care of their physical and emotional needs. Only then, we can have a peace of mind and get ready to battle the…

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