“What should education look like today?” Suggestions from 3 African innovators.

Learning And Wonder

I recently gave a talk on education innovation to a diverse group of young adults.  Transcript below.

Technology has shaped our lives and changed our worlds at breakneck speed. Imagine if we lived 50-odd years ago back in 1960. That was the year my mum was born. This was a world before the BBC had tv shows in colour, before ATM machines, PCs, even barcodes.

Now think about our life today.   Raise your hand if you found out about this event through whatsapp or social media? Raise your hand if you used google maps to get here or listened Spotify during your commute. Raise your hand if tonight, you might use your Uber app to get home safely?

Smartphones. Social media. Apps. None of these things existed 25 years ago, let alone 50.

And yet, if I ask you to imagine a school, imagine a classroom in 2016. What image…

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